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Asian English Studies Volume 1(1999)

1. Foreword
  Nobuyuki HONNA--- p.1

2. Papers

A Study on International Communication in Regional Organization: The Use of "English" as the Official Language of The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Akiko OKUDAIRA 5
An Analysis of, and Proposals for, "College-Entrance-Examination English": To Enhance English Teaching in Japan for International Communication Noboru MATSUOKA 19
Training of English Teachers in Korea: Reform for New Era Masako YANASE 29
Diffusion of English as an International Language and its Language Marketing: Proposition of "Japanese English" Junko HIRANO 43

3. Book Reviews

Language Policy and English in the Philippines
Author: Nobuyoshi Onohara
Toshiaki KAWAHARA 61
The Linguistic Culture of the Ogasawara Islands (Japanese Language Research Center Reports, Volume 6) Shinya TANAKA 65

Asian English Studies Volume 2(2000)

1. Foreword
  Nobyuki HONNA--p.1

2. Papers

English Education at Primary School in Taiwan and Some Applications for the Japanese Situation-Focusing on the Teacher Training and Employment Masao AIKAWA
The Influence of English on Indonesian Eugenius SADTOMO
Philippine English and Its Vocabulary Toshiaki KAWAHARA
Bringing Culture to the EFL Classroom-A
Case Study of the Use of Film-
Preserving Nauruan Pidgin Toru OKAMURA

3. Book Reviews

Ajia wo tsunagu eigo (English Unites Asia)
  Author: Nobuyuki Honna
Japanese English-A Study of Japanese
Learners' Simultaneous Interpretation
  Author: Mineo Suenobu, Akira Nagaoka

Asian English Studies Volume 3(2001)

1. Foreword
  Nobuyuki HONNA--- p.1

2. Papers

English Teaching in Secondary Schools in Mongolia – Present Situation of Teacher Training for Former Russian Language Teachers and the Problems that New English Teachers in Mongolia Are Facing– Yuko GOTODA 5
"English-Speaking Elites" under the U.S. Occupation: A Study of Contemporary History of English in South Korea Ken'ichiro HIGUCHI 23
Multi-lingual Malaysian Middle Class: A Dilemma between Bahasa Malaysia and English Misa OKUMURA 41
The English Umbrella: Model of a Multicultural Language System Judith S. YONEOKA 69
An Analysis of Japanese EFL Students' Consciousness of the Connotations of Loan Words
  • Jie SHI
  • Atsuko WATANABE

3. Report

Teaching English through Asian Perspectives – The Japanese Image of the Asian Peoples and Analysis of Junior High School Textbooks
  • Kazuya ASAKAWA
  • Ryoko SATO

Asian English Studies Volume 4(2002)

1. Foreword
  Nobuyuki HONNA

2. Papers

Strategic Use of Pragmalinguistic Competence: Methodological and Pedagogical Implications for EFL Instruction Chiaki IWAI
Argumentative strategies in Philippine English: A preliminary investigation Yoshihiro KOBARI
English Language Teaching Radio Program From Four Inner-Circle Countries: The Influence over Asia Takeshi MATSUDA
On the Direction of Elementary School English Education in Japan: Some insights from a perspective on teaching English as an international language in the Asian context Mika ITO
A Step Forward to Improve English Language Education in Bangladesh Sachiko HAMAMOTO
Analysis of Non-English Expressions in Philippine Literature in English Keiko TANITA

3. Book Review

Analysis of English Textbooks of North Korea
  Author: Park Yak Woo et al.
Kenichiro HIGUCHI

Asian English Studies Volume 5(2003)

1. Foreword
  Nobuyuki HONNA

2. Papers

Toward a Systematization of EIL Studies for ELT in Japan Nobuyuki HINO
New Englishes in Asia and Language Awareness Teaching: From A Study of Japanese University Students' Understandability of Metaphorical Expressions in Philippine English Hiroko MIYAKE

3. Research Report

English Education in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam -Through the Observation of English Classes and Surveys of English Educators at a Secondary Schools and University in Ho Chi Minh City-
  • Kiyoshi YUKITOKI
  • Yasuo ARIMURA

4. Book Reviews

The Encyclopedia of the English Language Situation in Asia: For Smooth Communication in the Global Age
 Author: Nobuyuki Honna et al.
Languages and Language Policies in Insular Southeast Asia –Focusing on the Philippines and Malaysia–
 Author: Toshiaki Kawahara
Sanseido Dictionary of Asian Englishes
 Author: Nobuyuki Honna et al.

Asian English Studies Volume 6(2004)

1. Foreword
  Nobuyuki HONNA

2. Papers

Exploring New Dimensions in Asian Englishes Larry E. Smith
Language Use and Linguistic Identity amongst Filipino Youth From Elite Families-Analysis of the Results of a Questionnaire Nobuyuki ONOHARA
Complex Sentence Structure in Singapore English: Double conjunctions structure as an Indication of Possible Influence of Chinese and Malay Miyuki SAKAI
Japanese High School Teachers' and Students' Beliefs About Language Learning. Setsuko ODA

3. Book Reviews

Sekai no Eigo o Aruku
  Author: Nobuyuki Honna
The Spread of English in Taiwan: Changing Uses and Shifting Attitudes
 Author: Chen, Su-chiao
Pidgin Grammar: An Introduction to the Creole Language of Hawaii
  Author: Kent Sakoda, Jeff Siegel

Asian English Studies Volume 7(2005)

1. Foreword
  Nobuyuki HONNA

2. Papers

Gairaigo as part of Japanese: its status and Japanization process Kimie OSHIMA
Japanese Government Awareness and Attitudes towards English: Background to the idea of 'English as an Official Language' Junko SARUHASHI

3. Reports: Symposium at the 16th National Conference

Reports on the Realization of an Action Plan to Cultivate 'Japanese with English Abilities': Proposals from English Education and from English Activities in Elementary Schools Aim and Background of the Symposium Shinji TOKUCHI
Learning from English Language Teaching in China and Korea Nobuyuki HONNA
English Education in Thailand: Their Efforts and Expectations Yuko TAKESHITA
Expectations for English Activities in Elementary Schools Osamu KAGEURA

4. Book Review

Tagengo Shakai ga Yattekita : Sekai no Gengo Seisaku Q&A
   Author: Toshiaki KAWAHARA, Tadayuki YAMAMOTO
Nobuyuki HINO

Asian English Studies Volume 8(2006)

1. Foreword
  Nobuyuki HONNA

2. Articles

Language Attitudes in the Course of Study: How is the English Language Described? Kiyoshi NAKA
Comparison of Listening Comprehension Tests in Japan and College Scholastic Test in Korea: Number of Words, Sentences and Syllables in the Listening Passages Yumi HASEGAWA
Outsourcing English: Are Indian Call Centers a Form of Linguistic Imperialism? Derrick NAULT
Learning from Our Neighbors: A Comparison of English Education Programs in Japan, Thailand, India and the Philippines
Introductory Remarks
"Strategic Plan to Cultivate 'Japanese with English Abilities'" and Japan's Efforts to Improve the Nation's English Proficiencies Yuko TAKESHITA
Japan's English Language Teaching and Her Internal Internationalization Nobuyuki HONNA
English Language Education in India: Should English be a Subject or a Medium? Tetsuya ENOKIZONO
What Can We Learn from the Philippine Experience? Toshiaki KAWAHARA

3. Book Review

Kotoba to Identity: Kotoba no Sentaku to Shiyo wo Toshitemiru Gendaijin no Jibunsagashi
   Author:ONOHARA Nobuyoshi & OHARA Motoko eds.

Asian English Studies Volume 9(2007)

1. Foreword
  Nobuyuki HONNA

2. Articles

On Possible Stabilization of the Definite Article in Japanese English KOMIYA Tomiko
Present Subjunctive in That-clauses Following Verbs in Singaporean English NAGAKUBO Reiichi
A Comparison of Listening Comprehension Tests in Japan and Korea -From the Aspects of Frequency Levels, Parts of Speech, Meanings and Functions - HASEGAWA Yumi
Values Represented in the Current English
Textbooks in Japan:
Idealized Images of English Language Learners
NAKA Kiyoshi

3. Book Review

『Taminzoku Shakai no Gengo Seijigaku?Eigo o Mono ni Shita Singapore-jin no Yuragu Identity
   Author: OKUMURA Misa, KAKU Shunkai, KODA Yuko Peggy

Asian English Studies Volume 10(2008)

1. Foreword
  HONNA Nobuyuki

2. Special Articles for the Tenth Year of JAFAE

  Japanese English for EIAL
  - Its Standpoints, Substance and Introduction in the Textbooks -
     MORIZUMI Mamoru

  A Study of the Extremely Short Story Competition (ESSC) in Japan

2. Articles

Cross-Cultural Comparison of EFL Learners' Perception of English in Three Asian countries: China, Japan and Korea IWAI Chiaki
A Study of Junior High School English Teachers' Beliefs and Attitudes toward English Language Instruction in Taipei City AIKAWA Masao
Teaching English as an International Language and High School English Textbook in Japan TAKAGAKI Toshiyuki
An Analysis of Lesson Topics in Senior High School English Textbooks in Taiwan HIRAI Seiko
On the frozenness of idioms: With Special Reference to Tok Pisin, the Language Spoken in Papua New Guinea OKAMURA Toru

Asian English Studies Volume 11(2009)

1. Foreword
  HONNA Nobuyuki

2. Articles

Communication as Freedom: English Bilingualism for Total Communication VARGHESE, Mathew
Current English Speaker Models in Senior High School Classrooms KAWASHIMA, Tomoyuki
Do English and Non-English Major University Students Use the Same EFL Speaking Strategies in Bangladesh? QUADIR, Moriam

3. Essay

The First English Teacher:Ranald MacDonald BERENDT, Erich

Asian English Studies Volume 12(2010)

1. Foreword
  HONNA Nobuyuki--- p.1

2. Articles

International Communication between Japanese Elementary School Children with Indian Children-Some Thoughts on the English Proficiency of Indian Nations- YAMAMOTO Junko 5
The Language Attitudes of Japanese University Students towards English Varieties-A Survey with the Matched-guise Technique- HANAMOTO Hiroki 21
The Role of the Mother Language in English Language Education -Talked by the Parties of Ethnic Minority Schools in Inner Mongolia- Gaoyouhan (Goihan) 39
Analyzing speaker and listener factors affecting the intelligibility of Japanese English
  • Setsuko Oda
  • Hiroko Tina TAJIMA
Finding Direction for Elementary School English Education in Japan -Some insights from a case study on English education in Korea- ITO Mika 79

3. Research Note

Analysis and Evaluation of an ELT Coursebook Used World-Wide from the Perspective of Treatment of Cultures and Global Issues TANAKA Fujimi 109

Asian English Studies Volume 13(2011)

1. Foreword
  ISHIDA, Masachika--- p.1

2. Articles

The Significance of Introducing Creative Writing Activities in Learning Situations for Japanese Junior High School Students: A Case of the Extremely Short Story Competition TAKESHITA Yuko 5
A Study on the Perception and Motivation for Learning English: Comparing the cases of Japanese and Korean College Students
  • YOSHIDA Kayo
Study of the Japanese Views of English Reflected in English Textbooks for Senior High Schools NAKAGAWA Yoko 39

Asian English Studies Volume 14(2012)

1. Foreword
  ISHIDA, Masachika--- p.1

2. Articles

Tok Pisin Plural Forms and Silverstein's Noun-Phrase Hierarchy OKAMURA, Toru 5
Identifying Trends of English Lexical Borrowings from Japanese FUJIWARA, Yasuhiro 21
The Phonetic Realization of English Words in the Use of the Hybrid "Malay English" UZAWA, Hiroshi 43
Problems Concerning "Power" in Kachru's World Englishes Framework: Toward reconsideration of linguistic perception in ELT TACHIBANA, Hiroshi 65
The Impact of Students' English Abilities on Asian Identity: Quantitative analysis of Asian Barometer and Asia Student Survey
  • TERASAWA, Takunori

Asian English Studies Volume 15(2013)

1. Foreword
  HINO, Nobuyuki--- p.1

2. Articles

Towards a Dynamic Approach to Language Proficiency
  • MAHBOOB, Ahmar
  • DUTCHER, Lydia R
The Learner-Friendliness of Varieties of English for Shadowing Training HAMADA, Yo 23
Language needs analysis at a Japanese company: Multiple perspectives for the improvement of in-house language training OTSU, Matsumoto Akiko 47
Corpus-Based Works on the Philippine English Verb System BORLONGAN, Ariane Macalinga 69
Japanese English? Refocusing the Discussion D'ANGELO, James 99
How Does the Experience of Exposure to Non-Native English Varieties Relate to Learners' Language Attitudes toward EIL?: A Mixed Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Japanese Students of Science and Engineering HANAMOTO, Hiroki 125
A Study on the Meanings of Reduplicated Words in Malay English UZAWA, Hiroshi 141

Asian English Studies Volume 16(2014)

1. Foreword
  YOSHIKAWA, Hiroshi--- p.1

2. Articles

An analysis of ELF speakers' lexical preferences GILNER, Leah 5
Introducing the Extremely Short Story Competition (ESSC) into a Secondary School: A Teacher's Self-reflection and Student Voices TAJIMA, Misako 17
Non-native English Assistant Language Teachers in Japanese Elementary English Education: From the viewpoint of English as an International Language YU, Simon 37
Relationship between Learners' Exposure to English Varieties and Their Intelligibility and Comprehensibility: A Quantitative Approach on Non-Native English Varieties HANAMOTO, Hiroki 61
The process of forming the English linguistic beliefs of Japanese English teachers: Based on life story interviews YUKINMORI, Masami 81
An Essay on the Notation for English Words in Malay English in Comics UZAWA, Hiroshi 101

Asian English Studies Volume 17(2015)

1. Foreword
  TAKESHITA, Yuko--- p.1

2. In Memory of Professor Larry Smith
  HONNA, Nobuyuki--- p.4

3. Articles

The Onomatopoeias used as Sound Effects in Lawak Kampus:
A case of Malay English
UZAWA, Hiroshi 6
Symposium at the 35th National Conference
Pre-service English Teacher Training in the Era of Globalization
FUJIWARA, Yasuhiro 29
Language Attitude Issues in English Education: English for Learning and English as a Lingua Franca SHIBATA, Miki 30
Raising Prospective English Teachers' Awareness of Linguistic Diversity and English Diversity FUJIWARA, Yasuhiro 51
Enhancing Learners' Sensitivity and Attitude toward Language and Culture through the Course of TEFL Methodology NAKA, Kiyoshi 75

Asian English Studies Volume 18(2016)

1. Foreword
  TAKESHITA, Yuko--- p.1

2. Invited Article

Changes in the attitude toward recognition of English in Korea and Japan ―with reference to English textbooks and TV commercials― YOSHIKAWA, Hiroshi 4

3. Articles

Implications for the WE and ELF Paradigms Arising from the View of "Language as Practice": A Suggestion for Textbook Analysis TAJIMA, Misako 18
English Expressions Based on Japanese Language and Culture for a Japanese Pedagogical Model in View of English as an International Language AOYAMA, Ryo & FUJIWARA, Yasuhiro 43
An Overview of Education Policy Reforms and English Education in Myanmar SAITO, Chie 70

Asian English Studies Volume 19(2017)

1. Foreword
  TAKESHITA, Yuko--- p.1

2. Invited Article

The Future of English?: In retrospect GRADDOL, David 4

3. Articles

Research on English Writing Tasks in Korean High School Text-books HASEGAWA, Yumi 19
Effects of Speech Rate and Familiarity on Intelligibility of Non-Native Speech for Non-Native Ears KAWASHIMA, Tomoyuki 34
Globalization of the Japanese Ladies' Room: Multilingual Signage Needs and Issues YONEOKA, Judy & SAITO, Chie 58
Emergent use of prepositions by Indonesian speakers of English in EFL interactions and Issues MULDER, Jean & MARENTEK, Andriyani 87

4. Conference Review

The 10th Annual Free Linguistics Conference D'ANGELO, James 106

Asian English Studies Volume 20(2018)

1. Foreword
  YOSHIKAWA, Hiroshi--- p.1

2. Invited Article

China English Coming of Age: Implications for New Englishes LI, David C.S 4

3. Articles

A Longitudinal Study of Speakers on CDs for Senior High School English Textbooks in Japan KAWASHIMA, Tomoyuki 26
A Glance into the Mechanics of Phonological Signaling GILNER, Leah 47
University Students' Responses to the Concept of International Communication Management MIYAKE, Hiroko 67
Challenges in Introducing Viewpoints of WE / EIL / ELF into English Language Education NAKA, Kiyoshi 80

4. Research Opportunities in Asian Englishes

The Research Enterprise of Asian Englishes: Weaving the Thread Together TOMEI, Joseph 99

5. Report

English as a Medium of Instruction in the Bhutan School System HASHIUCHI, Takeshi,
KATO Mihoko & SAITO Chie

Asian English Studies Volume 21(2019)

1. Foreword
  TAKESHITA, Yuko--- p.1

2. Invited Article

Transnationalizing Local and Global Culture in an English Language Classroom through a Smartphone Game App DUKUT, Ekawati Marhaenny 4

3. Articles

An Exploratory Study of Listening Materials to Promote Comprehension for World Englishes. KAWASHIMA, Tomoyuki 38
Learners' Beliefs and Learning Strategies Regarding Chinese as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language at Shanghai Japanese High School SEKITANI, Koki 52
Native speaker English vs. English as a lingua franca: Whose English is 'real' in and outside the classroom? SHIBATA, Miki 74

4. Book Review

A book review: Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education's Welcome to Tokyo CAVCIC, Antonija 95

5. Special Article

In Search of a New Prospect of Recurrent ln-service Training for Japanese Teachers of English: Coping with Accelerating Pluricultural and Plurilingual Development in Asia ISHIDA, Masachika 100

Asian English Studies Volume 22(2020)

1. Foreword
  TAKESHITA, Yuko--- p.1

2. Transcript

Record of keynote speech by Mr. Yasushi Akashi, keynote speaker of the 44th JAFAE national convention Record: TAKESHITA, Yuko 4

3. Invited Article

Suggestions from World Englishes for English Education in Japan: Introduction of "A Model of My English" as a Pedagogical Base SHIOZAWA, Tadashi 13

4. Articles

Language Policy and Multilingualism in Singapore UJIIE (OZAWA), Saeko 57
English as a New Choice of Home Languages and Parents' Awareness: From the Family Language Survey in Bhutan, a Multilingual Society SATO, Minako 77

Asian English Studies Volume 23(2021)

1. Foreword
  TAKESHITA, Yuko--- p.1

2. Invited Article

Philippine English and English Education in Japan KOBARI, Yoshihiro 4

3. Articles

Language ideologies of English and other languages among foreign-roots students at a part-time night high school: Ideological structure regarding English, Japanese, and first languages of the students' foreign parents MORIYA, Shoko 29
An Overview of Attitude Studies of Japanese Learners toward Non-Native English Accents KAWASHIMA, Tomoyuki 51

Asian English Studies Volume 24(2022)

1. Foreword
  D'ANGELO, James--- p.1

2. Invited Article

Is English an Asian Language? KIRKPATRICK, Andy 4

3. Articles

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Japanese EFL University Students CUTRONE, Pino & BEH, Siewkee 25
Literacy of English in Japanese education reconsidered: A criticism of Foreign/English language policy of the Japanese government ITO, Mika 64

Asian English Studies Volume 25(2023)

1. Foreword
  D'ANGELO, James--- p.1

2. Invited Article

EIL Pronunciation Research and Practice: 7 Minds for Negotiating the Future LOW, Ee Ling 4

3. Article

Student Attitudes on EIL vs. "Native Speaker" English: Evidence from Online Summer Study Abroad Program Reports YONEOKA, Judy 25

4. Essay

Developing an Asian Orientation to Linguistics and Pedagogy CANAGARAJAH, Suresh 50

5. Book Review

Colloquial Expressions in Asian Englishes Author: TAKAHASHI, Mariko FUNAMOTO, Hiroshi 57

6. In Memoriam

Professor Nobuyuki HONNA Professor Masao AIKAWA 65

Monograph No.1(2000)

..........Nobuyuki HONNA

..........Yuko TAKESHITA

Japanese English as a Variety of Asian Englishes and Japanese Students of English
..........Yuko TAKESHITA

Some Remarks on the Multiculturalism of Asian Englishes
..........Nobuyuki HONNA

The Making of a Japanese Dictionary of Asian Englishes with an Emphasis on Singaporean/Malaysian English
..........Hiroko Tina TAJIMA

The Attitude Toward and Recognition of English in Korea with reference to English in Japan
..........Hiroshi YOSHIKAWA

English in India: Possibilities of Non-nativeEnglishes for Inter-Asian Communication
..........Tetsuya ENOKIZONO

Monograph No.2(2001): Discourse Analysis and English in Japan

Discourse analysis and English in Japan
..........Sanae TSUDA, Beverley E. LAFAYE, Christine OGAWA,
     Yuriko KITE & Keiko SAKUI

Indirectness and Cross-Cultural Pragmatics
..........Sanae TSUDA

The Importance of Discourse Markers in SpokenDiscourse
..........Beverley E. LAFAYE

Critical Discourse Analysis: The Importance ofa Critical Approach to the Discourse of English in Japan
..........Christine OGAWA

Requests by Young Japanese Learners of English in an Immersion Context
..........Yuriko KITE

Monograph No.3(2002): Phonetic features of Singapore English

..........大 原 始 子

The Intelligibility of Singapore English from a Japanese Perspective
..........Tamikazu DATE

Japanese Learner's L1 Interference in English Intonation
..........Tamikazu DATE

Monograph No.4(2003): Taiwan Study Tour

  ..........HONNA Nobuyuki

  ..........AIKAWA Masao

Chapter 1: Reviews of the Lectures

  "Spread of English in Taiwan"
  Review of an address given by Dr. Chen Su-chiao
  ..........SHI Jie

  "The Obsession with Modernity:
  Why English as a Second Official Language?"
  Review of an address given by Dr. Liao Hsien-hao
  ..........James D'ANGELO

  "A Brief Look at the English Teacher Training Program inTaiwan"
  Review of an address given by Dr. Chang Wu-chang
  ..........ASAOKA Chitose

Chapter 2: Comments on the Study Tour

  Thoughts about the 3rd JAFAE Study Tour: Taiwan
  ..........TSUDA Sanae

  A Casual Remark on JAFAE's Taiwan Study Tour and Aikawa-Sensei
  ..........ENOKIZONO Tetsuya

  Remarks on the Study Tour

  Exploring Language Education in Taiwan
  ..........Beverley Elsom LAFAYE

  An Educational Eye-opener
  Perspectives from the Taiwanese Model
  ..........HIRAI Seiko

  A Glimpse at the English Education in Taiwan
  ..........USUI Yoshiko

  Comments on Taiwan Tour
  ..........SHI Jie

  ..........脇 田 博 文

Chapter 3: JAFAE Tour Record

  The Itinerary for the JAFAE Study Tour 2004 inTaiwan

Monograph No.5(2004): 小学校の英語教育を考える―アジア諸国の事例から

..........本 名 信 行

小学校の英語教育を考える: アジア諸国の事例から
..........河 原 俊 昭

教育言語としての英語: フィリピンの小学校の例から
..........河 原 俊 昭

韓国の初等学校英語教育: 政策の経緯と現状
..........樋 口 謙 一 郎

..........原隆 幸

..........仲  潔